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Non-citizen children, non-citizen adopted adults

The Erichsens were given The National Council for Adoption Hall of Fame Award in Washington, D.C. Their acceptance speech pointed out the plight of non-citizen intercountry adoptees, and resulted in the Equality for Adopted Children Act. www.EqualityFor AdoptedChildren.com. Unfortunately, the bill has not been passed. The International Rights of the Child Congress invited them to speak in Hermosillo, Mexico, on international adoption procedures. They spoke to directors of Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF), the child welfare departments from each Mexican state.

LNI dissolved in 2009, yet the Erichsen’s work on behalf of children and non-citizen adopted persons continues. Testimonials and words of appreciation from adoptive families and other adoption agencies heartened the Erichsen family during their last months. On a hot July day, over one hundred local adoptive families gathered to honor the family with a loving farewell picnic.

National Council for Adoption Hall of Fame Award

Accepting the award July 27, 2007,
for twenty-six years of research, writing, and pioneering international adoptions
Posing with former NCFA President Tom Atwood, and Senator Mary Landrieu at a reception at the senator’s home, July 24th, 2007, in Washington, D.C.

Rights of the Child International Congress

First Lady Lourdes Laborin de Bours, and the Governor open the Rights of the Child Congress

Accepting the award at the
Rights of the Child Congress

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