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My Portable Life: Reluctant Runaway Finds Families for Thousands of Children

Autobiography of Jean Nelson Erichsen on Overcoming Childhood Neglect

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Editor’s Choice, Publisher’s Choice, iUniverse

Book Classifications:History and Biography, Children, Parenting and Family, Social Sciences, Fiction and Literature, Professional and Education, Self-Improvement, Inspiration and Relationships, Religion, Romance, Travel, Reference

Homeless teens and child abuse survivors find validation, and social workers, and psychologists find ways to provide encouragement from this autobiography.

Teenagers in challenging situations feel encouraged by this book. Child abuse survivors, adoption advocates, and champions of human rights feel inspired. Seniors who lived through the Great Depression feel validated. The author tells her story as she looks back over a life-long commitment to neglected children. Thrust out of her home at sixteen, she is a down-trodden high school drop-out. She finds caring individuals to point her toward the right resources for self-help and self-improvement. She meets and marries a prisoner of war survivor who believes in her dream of helping children find the stable family she was denied. They raise three children and change course by adopting three more in Colombia, South America. They change careers and travel to orphanages on three continents to visit children and help families adopt through the agency they founded. - Carol Nelson, social worker

International adoption pioneer Jean Nelson Erichsen paints a courageous portrait of her early life, where we see her deep compassion for neglected and overlooked children taking root in the hard scrabble of her own isolation, pain, and loneliness. Sustained by the rare and unexpected gifts of attention, inclusion and affection offered by caring people along the way, she creates a life of unexpected joy when she finds and marries her soul mate and together they forge an international family and fulfill a decades long mission to find adoptive families for homeless children and improve the lives of overlooked children in institutions around the world. –Steve Coxsey, psychologist

Soft cover, 346 pages
ISBN 978-1-4401-6048-6

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