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Special Needs Children: Exceptional Parents - Free Download

Helpful Parents/Brave Children

By Jean Nelson Erichsen, MA, LBSW

Book Classifications:Inspiration and Relationships, Social Science, Parenting and Family, Children, Self-improvement, History and Biography, Reference

New medical treatments help children live happily and productively despite disability or chronic illness. Twenty families were followed over a ten-year period for this distant-learning course.

While some disabilities are obvious, more subtle signs and symptoms of children’s medical problems are often overlooked. Long-term problems are often not diagnosed until a child is a toddler or starting school. This booklet encourages and supports parents and children who cope with twenty of the most common problems.

Recommended by Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald of the Texas Children’s Health Center for International Adoption, these stories will inspire and encourage you. Twenty families show how they and their child coped with long-term medical problems. Most families were unprepared for their child’s disabilities—the problems weren’t discovered until after the adoption. Yet they pulled out their inner resources and persevered.

This publication was written as a two-hour distant-learning course to supplement The Intercountry Adoption Journey from the National Council for Adoption. This course is compliant with the Hague Convention for the Protection on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption.

Paper, 64 pages, Photos

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